Cervical Cancer Part 4

In terms of moderate and severe adverse effects, as expected with these combinations of radiation and chemotherapy, one can expect to see leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and other hematologic toxicities, but if you can look through this, you will see that in the patient’s with the complex regimen here, consisting of the three drugs, incidence of leukopenia was clearly higher, also thrombocytopenia as opposed to patient’s who got the weekly cisplatin together with radiation therapy.

In will conclude here by pointing out that we seem to have been able with combining chemotherapy and radiation therapy to demonstrate that there is somewhat of a survival benefit when both treatments are given simultaneously, that means not one before or after the other. In truth, however, the magnitude of the benefit remains somewhat in doubt because in some of the studies that the gynecological college group has done, the radiation therapy time is not considered to be optimal because of it being more than eight weeks, and in some cases the total dose which was given would be considered at the present time to be less than what we want to give in some of these larger tumors. So which drugs or which regimens do we want to use remains to be determined, although a the present time, weekly cisplatin seems to have a therapeutic ratio that is advantageous compared to the other ones.

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